Hello! Welcome to my website. I host a few things here, and generally use it as a staging ground for any tools/utilities I make.

My goals in making this website were pretty straightforward:

  • I wanted to improve my raw CSS skills by not using a theme or major css toolkit
  • I needed a place to host my project files
  • I wanted to use the "latest-and-greatest" javascript without compromises related to business dev:
    • Javascript Modules
    • WebComponents (w/out polymer)
    • CSSGrid / Flexbox
  • I wanted to build my own build pipeline (so I could learn how build automation tools work such as webpack / gulp)
  • I wanted to build my own deployment pipeline (so I could learn about how deployments work)

Overall I'm pretty happy with how the site looks and feels. I've automated quite a bit of functionality. Its not the best looking site around, but its not designed to be.


It felt weird having an empty homepage, so here's my favourite video.